Source code for deep_translator.deepl

__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) 2020 Nidhal Baccouri"

import os
from typing import List, Optional

import requests

from deep_translator.base import BaseTranslator
from deep_translator.constants import (
from deep_translator.exceptions import (
from deep_translator.validate import is_empty, is_input_valid, request_failed

[docs]class DeeplTranslator(BaseTranslator): """ class that wraps functions, which use the DeeplTranslator translator under the hood to translate word(s) """ def __init__( self, source: str = "de", target: str = "en", api_key: Optional[str] = os.getenv(DEEPL_ENV_VAR, None), use_free_api: bool = True, **kwargs ): """ @param api_key: your DeeplTranslator api key. Get one here: @param source: source language @param target: target language """ if not api_key: raise ApiKeyException(env_var=DEEPL_ENV_VAR) self.version = "v2" self.api_key = api_key url = ( BASE_URLS.get("DEEPL_FREE").format(version=self.version) if use_free_api else BASE_URLS.get("DEEPL").format(version=self.version) ) super().__init__( base_url=url, source=source, target=target, languages=DEEPL_LANGUAGE_TO_CODE, **kwargs )
[docs] def translate(self, text: str, **kwargs) -> str: """ @param text: text to translate @return: translated text """ if is_input_valid(text): if self._same_source_target() or is_empty(text): return text # Create the request parameters. translate_endpoint = "translate" params = { "auth_key": self.api_key, "source_lang": self._source, "target_lang": self._target, "text": text, } # Do the request and check the connection. try: response = requests.get( self._base_url + translate_endpoint, params=params ) except ConnectionError: raise ServerException(503) # If the answer is not success, raise server exception. if response.status_code == 403: raise AuthorizationException(self.api_key) if request_failed(status_code=response.status_code): raise ServerException(response.status_code) # Get the response and check is not empty. res = response.json() if not res: raise TranslationNotFound(text) # Process and return the response. return res["translations"][0]["text"]
[docs] def translate_file(self, path: str, **kwargs) -> str: return self._translate_file(path, **kwargs)
[docs] def translate_batch(self, batch: List[str], **kwargs) -> List[str]: """ @param batch: list of texts to translate @return: list of translations """ return self._translate_batch(batch, **kwargs)
if __name__ == "__main__": d = DeeplTranslator(target="en", api_key="some-key") t = d.translate("Ich habe keine ahnung") print("text: ", t)